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What is Soulful Scribbles?

Soulful Scribbles is many things. First and foremost, it’s a blog. This blog was made to encourage, inform, and spread the good.

Soulful Scribbles started out of church doodles and stressful times calling for peaceful outlets. When I was 17 I would go buy blankpage journals and just draw and draw and draw. I would doodle thoughts or words, in pretty handwriting, when I was happy, having a rough day, or learning new and exciting things about Jesus. And because I’m somewhat of a visionary gal, I wanted to share my message with the world. Soulful Scribbles is a “hello there” – a reminder to you of your worth, a message that your story matters, and a little dose of joy in your troubled times.

Check out my posts for a daily soulful encouragement.


The Hand Behind the Scribbles. 

That’s me. My name is Lindsay Book; however, that’s soon to change this year because I am engaged to the love of my life and best friend, Dominique Cervantes. This man has encouraged me every step of the way to create this blog and see it through! I am a silly girl, with some crazy big dreams.
Here are a few things you need to know about me:

-I love dogs. A LOT. In fact, I am the founder of The Dog Lovers of America club with my best gal pals.

-I could eat ice cream every day all day, and in fact I did this summer (my waistline is still reaping the consequences of this action).

-I enjoy sleeping in fancy pajamas.

-I love running for fun. Yes, I did say running and fun in the same sentence without say “is not.”

-And last but not least, I am passionate about Jesus Christ and seeing His kingdom come. My fiancé and I aspire, and are working towards, becoming full time missionaries, and we love sharing with the world the freedom we have found in Jesus.


My prayer for this blog is for my words to encourage you and draw you closer to your purpose, your passions. So, follow my story and where God is taking me, and along the way I hope it helps you grow too.